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Obstetric and Maternal-Fetal Evidence-Based Guidelines

“Obstetric Evidence Based Guidelines is a text that will prove useful to residents and fellows as well as to practicing obstetric clinicians. Furthermore, it can be used as a source for the development of hospital policies for the management of these obstetric problems… The major advantage of this text is that it provides guidelines for the managment of commonly encountered obstetric issues in a single book”- JAMA
“The book does a great job at coming to evidence-based conclusions on various spects of obstetrical care … [The book] is a worthy purchase for anyone caring for the general obstetric patient. Physicians in positions to create protocols and guidelines also can gain valuable insight from this book.” – Doody’s Reviews
Book Description
This book reviews the evidence for best practice in obstetrics and maternal-fetal medicine. It presents readers with the right information, in the right format, by summarizing evidence in easy-to-use tables and algorithms. Recommendations have linkage to supporting evidence, and quality of evidence and strength of recommendation is stressed. Areas of uncertainty are recognized, and ‘individualized’ care suggested. Recommendations based on randomized trials and meta-analyses are highlighted so that clinical outcomes can be improved. The proper use of each guideline is aimed at “make it easy to do it right”, so there is appropriate use of proven interventions and no use of harmful interventions. Plenty of evidence is available so that well-informed clinicians can reduce errors (primum non nocere), so the first aim is ultimately to improve the health of mother and fetus by providing quality care.

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