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Diabetes Management in Primary Care

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1. Amazingly comprehensive review of all aspects of diabetes. This book is up to date, evidence-based, case based and most importantly, written from the heart. Rarely do medical text books read like novels. This is the exception. Check out the chapter on managing mental illness in patients with diabetes. The complications chapter is the most comprehensive and current review I have encountered.
2. I just bought my hard copy last month and I have also heard Dr Jeff Unger in person on diabetes seminars. He is a primary care physician and being primary care physician myself this book is all I need to know improve diabetes care for my patients. This is not a Harisson or a detailed Thesis on Diabetes but practicle great point of care informations and diferent tools which can be used in an office settings to educate patient and office staff to improve diabetes care. With the fact that 90% of Diabetic population in US (out of approx 22 million people with diabetes)being taken care by Primary care physicians this is a must have tool I believe. The only thing better than the book is to hear Dr Jeff Uner in person. I would definately recommened this book to every Primary care MD or residents.
3. If you treat Diabetic patients you should get this book.
Written by a diabetic Family Physician who understands that to treat diabetes you need to “think like a pancreas.” This book was written to provide primary care doctors the tools we need to care for these challenging patients. I got this book the first week it was out and I haven’t regreted it.
With the explosion of Diabetes there are not enough consultant physicians (specialists) out there to care for all of these patients. Dr Unger provides the information we need to provide excellent care for our diabetic patients.
I cannot praise this book enough. The only thing better is hear Dr Unger lecture on Diabetic Care in person.
Book Description
This book offers primary care physicians evidence-based guidelines for evaluating and treating all patients with diabetes. It covers all aspects of outpatient and hospital-based diabetes care for all age groups, and includes behavioral interventions for enhancing patient adherence.
Coverage includes fine-tuning glycemic management with computerized self-blood glucose monitoring software, evaluating and treating patients with metabolic syndrome and polycystic ovary syndrome, managing mental illness in patients with diabetes, and prevention of microvascular and macrovascular complications. The book discusses newer insulin therapy protocols, insulin delivery devices such as pumps, pens, and inhaled insulin, and novel pharmacotherapies including incretin mimetics and DPP-IV inhibitors.
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