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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Board Review

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Board Review (Pearls of Wisdom)

By Samuel J. Lin, John B. Hijjawi

Book Details

  • Paperback: 671 pages
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Appleton & Lange; 1 edition (November 17, 2005)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0071464476
  • ISBN-13: 978-0071464475

Book Description

Why waste time guessing at what you need to know for the plastic surgery boards? Maximize your exam preparation time with this quick-hit question and answer review. The unique question and single-answer format eliminates the guesswork associated with traditional multiple-choice Q&A reviews and reinforces only the correct answers you’ll need to know on exam day. Emphasis is placed on distilling key facts and clinical pearls essential for exam success. Great for certification and re-certification, this high-yield review for the boards is the perfect compliment to larger texts for intense, streamlined review in the days and weeks before your exam. This book is just the right study tool for the PSEF inservice exam and ABPS board examination.

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Principles and Practice of Clinical Virology

Arie J. Zuckerman, Principles and Practice of Clinical Virology
ISBN: 0470843381 | edition 2004 | PDF | 889 pages | 22 mb

The knowledge and practice of clinical virology continues to expand. This new fifth edition has thirty-six comprehensive chapters, each of which has been extensively revised or rewritten, with the addition of new colour plates. This updated version takes into account knowledge accumulated in molecular biology with its applications for laboratory diagnosis, immunisation and antiviral chemotherapy. Each chapter highlights the clinical features and epidemiological patterns of infection. Similarly, in response to the global concern of the threat posed by new viruses, a new chapter on Emerging Infections is included.

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Reading EEGs: A Practical Approach Book

Book Description

November 5, 2009 0781793440 978-0781793445 1 Pap/Psc
Reading EEGs: A Practical Approach focuses on pattern recognition and pattern comparison. The concepts of pattern recognition are developed in a logical fashion based on appearance rather than disease process. The book teaches waveform recognition so that the reader can generate a differential diagnosis based on that recognition. This book also incorporates a question-and-answer format that is effective for students at multiple levels of training. A unique feature of the book is that it follows a teaching methodology in which concepts are developed sequentially and logically.\
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Viral Sex: The Nature of AIDS

Jaap Goudsmit, Viral Sex: The Nature of AIDS
ISBN: 0195097289 | edition 1997 | PDF | 283 pages | 17 mb

The current worldwide AIDS crisis is about 20 years old, but the disease itself is much older. In fact, AIDS is only the latest chapter in the evolution of the complex retrovirus we call HIV. Where was HIV lurking before it emerged in the early 1980s? There is some evidence that the Western strain of HIV arose in Europe as early as 1939. There is even more evidence that HIV is a direct descendant of a virus which has long infected certain African apes and monkeys, a virus called SIV--si mian immunodeficiency virus. 
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Medical Terminology Systems: A Body Systems Approach, 7 edition

Barbara A. Gylys, Mary Ellen Wedding , "Medical Terminology Systems: A Body Systems Approach, 7 edition"
2013 | ISBN-10: 0803629540 | 624 pages | PDF | 35 MB

A word building and body systems approach!

The original word-building text is better than ever with the addition of The Medical Language Lab, a new, interactive, online experience for mastering the language of medicine. The perfect length for any course, this full-color, illustrated text uses a body systems organization with an emphasis on word building.

You’ll begin by learning the parts of words—roots, combining forms, suffixes, and prefixes. Then, use your understanding of word parts to learn medical terminology. Mnemonic devices and engaging, interactive activities make word-building fun and easy, ensuring you retain the information you need for success.

The Medical Language Lab is the new, interactive, online program that ensures your students master the language of medicine. Based on proven language methodology, it guides your students step by step from basic through advanced levels of proficiency to become confident medical language speakers.

A special code in the front of the book unlocks The MLL for you and your students. Use it with your current learning management system or with its integrated grade book. Customize it to meet the needs of your course. 
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Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine, 7th Edition

  • Publisher:   Saunders Ltd.
  • Number Of Pages:   1360
  • Publication Date:   2009-07-17
  • ISBN-10 / ASIN:   0702029939
  • ISBN-13 / EAN:   9780702029936

Product Description:
The 7th edition of Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine is a thoroughly updated, reworked and revised new edition of the first-prize winner in the Medicine category in the BMA 2006 Medical Book Competition. It is the market-leading comprehensive and authoritative single-volume textbook of internal medicine, consulted by students and doctors alike throughout the world. Covering the management of disease, based on an understanding of scientific principles, and including the latest developments in treatment, it is written for medical students and doctors preparing for specialist exams, but it is an ideal general reference text for all practising doctors. The new edition is part of Elsevier's StudentConsult electronic community. StudentConsult titles come with full text online, a unique image library, case studies, questions and answers, online note-taking, and integration links to content in other disciplines - ideal for problem-based learning.



Endocrine Physiology 3rd Edition

Patricia Molina (Author)


Book Details

  • Paperback: 336 pages
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Medical; 3 edition (October 14, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0071613013
  • ISBN-13: 978-0071613019

Book Description

A concise, easy-to-absorb review of the essential principles of endocrinology and metabolism
The best review available for the USMLE Step 1!
A Doody's Core Title for 2011!
The Third Edition of Endocrine Physiology provides comprehensive coverage of the basic science and anatomy behind endocrine function The concepts covered will provide a basis for understanding the physiologic mechanisms involved in the neuroendocrine regulation of organ function. With its focus on must-know principles, Endocrine Physiology is the best review available for the USMLE Step 1 and the perfect reference for residents and fellows.
Drawing on student feedback, this new edition is packed with self-study questions, learning objectives, and clinical examples. You will find outstanding diagrams covering the regulation of hormone release and action.
  • Valuable first chapter describing the organization of the endocrine system, as well as general concepts of hormone production and release, transport and metabolic rate, and cellular mechanisms of action
  • Eight additional chapters discussing specific endocrine systems, detailing the specific hormone produced by each in the context of the regulation of its production and release, the target physiologic actions, and the implications of excess or deficiency
  • Concluding chapter illustrating how the individual endocrine systems dynamically interact in maintaining homeostasis
  • Chapters include learning aids such as Q&As, key concepts, clinical examples, diagram illustrations, and chapter objective

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Hutchison’s Clinical Methods: An Integrated Approach to Clinical Practice, 22 Edition

Hutchison’s Clinical Methods: An Integrated Approach to Clinical Practice, 22e (Hutchinson’s Clinical Methods)

By Michael Swash, Michael Glynn

Book Details

  • Paperback: 560 pages
  • Publisher: Saunders Ltd.; 22 edition (May 4, 2007)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0702027995
  • ISBN-13: 978-0702027994

Book Descrption

Hutchison’s Clinical Methods, first published over a century ago, is the classic textbook on clinical examination. It provides an outstanding source of learning and reference for undergraduate medical students and postgraduate doctors. It seeks to teach an integrated approach to clinical practice, so that new methods and investigations are grafted onto established patterns of clinical practice, rather than added on as something extra. The text is organised so that both system-related and problem-oriented chapters are included. Particular emphasis is placed on the importance of the doctor-patient relationship, the essential skills needed for clinical examination, and for planning the appropriate choice of investigations in diagnosis and management.
  • Provides a comprehensive account of the traditional methods of patient history-taking and examination but updated with a full account of the role of modern investigative techniques.
  • A book for students of all ages and all degrees of experience.
  • The most comprehensive account of clinical methods on the market.
  • Contents re-ordered into five sections: *The approach to the patient * General assessment * Basic systems * Clinical specialties * Ethics
  • New editor joins the textbook – Dr Michael Glynn
  • Completely new text presentation and page design
  • All line drawings redrawn for improved clarity
  • New chapters on: * Nutritional assessment * Diabetes and other metabolic disorders * Intensive care unit * Pain * The face, mouth, jaws and neck
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Blueprints Neurology

Blueprints Neurology

By Frank W. Drislane

Book Details

  • Paperback: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; Third edition (January 7, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0781796857
  • ISBN-13: 978-0781796859

Book Description

Blueprints Neurology provides students with a complete review of the key topics and concepts—perfect for clerkship rotations and the USMLE. This edition has been completely updated—including new diagnostic and treatment information throughout—while maintaining its succinct, organized, and concise style. 100 board-format questions and answers with complete correct and incorrect answer explanations appear at the end of the book.

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Hurst's the Heart 13th Edition

Valentin Fuster (Author), Richard Walsh (Author), Robert Harrington (Author)

Size= Total=214.4MB

Book Details

  • Hardcover: 2500 pages
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional; 13 edition (December 27, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0071636463
  • ISBN-13: 978-0071636469

Book Description

The trusted landmark cardiology resource—thoroughly updated to reflect the latest clinical perspectives

Through thirteen editions, Hurst’s the Heart has always represented the cornerstone of current scholarship in the discipline. Cardiologists, cardiology fellows, and internists from across the globe have relied on its unmatched authority, breadth of coverage, and clinical relevance to help optimize patient outcomes. The thirteenth edition of Hurst’s the Heart continues this standard-setting tradition with 19 new chapters and 59 new authors, each of whom are internationally recognized as experts in their respective content areas.
Featuring an enhanced, reader-friendly design, the new edition covers need-to-know clinical advances, as well as issues that are becoming increasingly vital to cardiologists worldwide. As in previous editions, you will find the most complete overview of cardiology topics available—plus a timely new focus on evidence-based medicine, health outcomes, and health quality.

New Features
  • 1548 full-color illustrations and 578 tables
  • Companion DVD with image bank includes key figures and tables from the text
  • The Cardiovascular Disease: Past, Present, and Future section includes a new chapter on assessing and improving quality of care in cardiovascular medicine
  • The section on the scientific foundations of cardiovascular medicine has been thoroughly revised
  • 2 new chapters in the section on the evaluation of the patient detail the process of effective diagnostic decision making based on technology, clinical trials, and practice guidelines
  • A new chapter in the section on heart failure details cardiac transplantation
  • The sections on primary heart disease include new chapters on topics such as preventive strategies for coronary artery disease and updated pharmacologic strategies for acute coronary syndromes
  • The section on cardiopulmonary disease features new chapters on chronic cor pulmonale and sleep disorder breathing and its relationship to cardiovascular disease
  • The section on valvular heart disease has four of the six chapter completely rewritten by new authors who are authorities in the field
  • The final six sections feature new chapters on the environment and heart disease, surgical treatment of carotid and peripheral vascular disease and cost effective strategies in cardiology

You have to download all 3 part first in order to extract it and make .chm. if not it will say failed

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Langman's Medical Embryology 12th Edition

Thomas W. Sadler PhD (Author)
5.0 out of 5 stars


Book Details

  • Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; Twelfth edition (November 11, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1451113420
  • ISBN-13: 978-1451113426

Book Description

Langman's Medical Embryology covers embryology for medical, nursing, and health professions students with a strong clinical emphasis. The text is highly valued as a teaching and learning resource for its clinical correlation boxes, summaries, problems to solve, illustrations and clinical images, and clear, concise writing style—all of which make the subject matter accessible to students and relevant to instructors. Online material includes Simbryo—an animation program showing processes, organs, and systems developing in human embryos—as well as review questions and full text online. A separate Faculty Image Bank and PowerPoint presentations are also available.

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Harrison's Hematology and Oncology

Dan Longo (Author)


Book Details

  • Paperback: 788 pages
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional; 1 edition (May 10, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0071663355
  • ISBN-13: 978-0071663359

Book Description

The authority of Harrison's in a handy, full-color paperback devoted exclusively to Hematology and Oncology
Featuring the chapters on Hematology and Oncology that appear in the landmark Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 17e, this compact clinical companion delivers all the latest knowledge in the field, backed by the scientific rigor and reliability that have defined Harrison's.
You'll find coverage that reflects the expertise of renowned editors and contributors -- presented in a carry-anywhere format that makes it ideal for the classroom, the wards, or the point of care. With its ease of use, indispensable diagnosis-speeding guidelines, and acclaimed state-of-the-art strategies, Harrison's Hematology and Oncology is a must for students and clinicians alike.
Harrison's Hematology and Oncology delivers:
  • A unique single-source reference featuring hard-to-find integrated information on hematology and oncology
  • Integration of pathophysiology with clinical management topics in each of the disease-oriented chapters
  • Valuable content in print form from the acclaimed Harrison's 17e DVD
  • 52 chapters written by physicians who have made seminal contributions in their areas of expertise
  • 115 high-yield self-assessment Q&A for exam and board review, drawn from Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine Self-Assessment and Board Review, 17e
  • Complete coverage of need-to-know hematology and oncology topics, including the latest information on hematopoiesis, cancer cell biology, and cancer prevention
  • Helpful appendix that highlights laboratory values of clinical importance

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An Atlas of Surgical Anatomy

Alain C. Masquelet (Author)


Book Details

  • Hardcover: 248 pages
  • Publisher: Informa Healthcare (August 3, 2005)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1841844055
  • ISBN-13: 978-1841844053

Book Description

The author of a number of acclaimed, best-selling surgical atlases has collaborated again with an award-winning artist to produce another invaluable surgical resource. This highly regarded team provide a master-class in the demonstration of surgically relevant anatomy. Masquelet has attained world-renown in particular for his innovative flaps for reconstructive plastic surgery of the limbs, in this book he displays his unrivalled knowledge of surgery of the trunk, head, and neck. Every point of entry in required surgical procedures is described, and every procedure is illustrated with a sequence of drawings, displayed as the surgeon would see them, together with anatomical cross-sections.

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Anatomies: The Human Body, Its Parts and The Stories They Tell by Hugh Aldersey-Williams

Its subject is how we think about the body. In this era of intense research into the human genome, synthetic biology, consciousness and so on, it might almost seem that our physical bodies do not matter. But they do. It is through them that we negotiate the world and each other, and the ways in which we have understood the human body and its constituent parts continue to shape our views of science, medicine, and ourselves in surprising ways.
Anatomies by Hugh Aldersey-Williams, author of Sunday Times bestseller Periodic Tales, is a splendidly entertaining journey through the art, science, literature and history of the human body. "Magnificent, inspired. He writes like a latter-day Montaigne. Stimulating scientific hypotheses, bold philosophic theories, illuminating quotations and curious facts. I recommend it to all". (Telegraph). "Splendid, highly entertaining, chock-full of insights ...It inserts fascinating scientific snippets and anecdotes about our organs into the wider history of our changing understanding of our bodies". (Sunday Times). "A relentlessly entertaining cultural history of the human body ...brims with fascinating details, infectious enthusiasm ...the terrain he covers is so richly brought to life". (Guardian). "Elegant and informative...For Aldersey-Williams, [the body] is a thing of wonder and a repository of fascinating facts". (Mail on Sunday). It is the most fraught and fascinating, talked-about and taboo, unique yet universal aspect of our lives. It is the inspiration for art, the subject of science and the source of some of the greatest stories ever told. It is our most intimate ally against the world, provider of all pleasurable sensations, the repository of all we feel and know. And yet what a source of puzzlement and worry the body is: a home we never chose, a facade that we continually disguise, a protector that we know will fail us in the end. Until we fall ill, most of us take this extraordinarily complicated collection of flesh, bones and fluids entirely for granted. But from ancient body art to plastic surgery, from early anatomists to conceptual artists, grave-robbers to bionic athletes, our changing attitudes to the human body - how it works, what it should look like, how to live with it, what it means - tell us more about ourselves than almost any other subject in human history. Blending history, science, art, literature and the everyday, one of our finest science writers investigates this most marvellous and mysterious of creations. The result is a treasure trove of surprising facts, remarkable stories and startling information that encompasses everything from the first finger-printing to the physiology of angels, from synaesthesia to the clown-egg register, from the death-mask of Isaac Newton to the afterlife of Einstein's brain. Praise for Periodic Tales: "Science writing at its best ...fascinating and beautiful ...if only chemistry had been like this at school meander through the periodic table with him like going round a zoo with Gerald Durrell ...a rich compilation of delicious tales, but it offers greater rewards, too". (Matt Ridley). "Immensely engaging and continually makes one sit up in -surprise". (Sunday Times). "Splendid ...enjoyable and polished". (Observer). "Full of good stories and he knows how to tell them well agreeable jumble of anecdote, reflection and information". (Sunday Telegraph). "Great fun to read and an endless fund of unlikely and improbable anecdotes and often witty". (Financial Times). Hugh Aldersey-Williams studied natural sciences at Cambridge. He is the author of several books exploring science, design and architecture and has curated exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Wellcome Collection. His previous book Periodic Tales: The Curious Lives of the Elements was a Sunday Times bestseller and has been published in many languages around the world. He lives in Norfolk with his wife and son.

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100 Case Studies in Pathophysiology

Develop both your clinical problem-solving and critical thinking skills with this comprehensive workbook. Inside you’ll discover a clear-cut approach to integrating basic pathophysiology, risk factors, physical examination findings, and clinical laboratory data for 100 major health problems. This fundamental resource provides support for medical, pharmacy, nursing, and allied health studies. Using a case study approach, you’ll learn appropriate disease management options to improve patient quality of life.
Features That Make Learning Easy:
  • An organ systems approach categorizes diseases and other health conditions and provides a logical, efficient learning experience.
  • Patient Cases simulate the health problems of real-life patients, so you can effectively interpret medical records and treatment options.
  • A Disease Summary for each case study, found on the accompanying CD-ROM and companion Website, provides an in-depth understanding of each medical condition. Each Disease Summary includes a definition, prevalence, significance, causes and risk factors, pathophysiology, diagnosis, appropriate treatment, and serious complications and prognosis.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving questions in the Patient Cases and the Disease Summaries provoke thought and test your understanding of the main concepts.
  • Over 150 color photographs and illustrations, available on the CD-ROM and the companion Website, help bring the content to life.

Now Available for Instructors: Online answers to critical thinking and problem-solving questions in the Disease Summary and Patient Case sections, and an image bank that includes the figures and tables for each.

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The Liver: Biology and Pathobiology 5th edition

Liver: Biology and Pathobiology
The 1216 pages | Wiley; 5 edition (January 26, 2010) | 0470723130 | PDF | 26 Mb
In its Fifth Edition, this classic book retains its traditional strength of relating molecular physiology to understanding disease pathology and treatment as it explores the current state and future direction of hepatology.
Painstakingly revised, this edition includes 60 new chapters. As in previous editions, a section called Horizons summarizes advances of extraordinary nature in areas expected to have a substantial impact on hepatology. The Fifth Editions Horizons section includes emerging topics such as tissue engineering of the liver, liver-directed gene therapy, decoding the liver cancer genome, and imaging cellular proteins and structure.

In its Fifth Edition, this classic book retains its traditional strength of relating molecular physiology to understanding disease pathology and treatment as it explores the current state and future direction of hepatology.
Painstakingly revised, this edition includes 60 new chapters. As in previous editions, a section called Horizons summarizes advances of extraordinary nature in areas expected to have a substantial impact on hepatology. The Fifth Edition’s Horizons section includes emerging topics such as tissue engineering of the liver, liver-directed gene therapy, decoding the liver cancer genome, and imaging cellular proteins and structure.
To preserve essential background information which has not changed while making room for the panoply of major new contributions to understanding of liver disease, 14 chapters from the previous edition are freely available online at   To view these chapters visit –

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Obstetrics & Gynecology: PreTest Self-Assessment & Review, Twelfth Edition (PreTest Clinical Medicine)

Most Helpful Customer Review
Used only this resource prior to shelf exam and scored highest on this rotation. Good explanations, tons of questions to use.
Book Description
The student tested-and-reviewed way to prep for the Obstetrics and Gynecology shelf exam and the USMLE Step 2 CK
“This is a wonderful book! I love the Q&A format . . . the answers are so detailed. All of the high-yield subjects for the OB/GYN shelf were covered . . . this book was right on the money.” — Sarah Harper, Medical Student, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
“This is an excellent book with realistic questions for both the clinical shelf exam . . . as well as USMLE Step 2 CK. I highly recommend it to all medical students during both their clerkship and preparation for their board examinations.” — Deepika Nemani, Medical Student, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Obstetrics & Gynecology: PreTest™ Self-Assessment & Review is the perfect way to assess your knowledge of obstetrics and gynecology for the USMLE Step 2 CK and shelf exams. You’ll find 500 USMLE-style questions and answers that address the clerkship’s core competencies along with detailed explanations of both correct and incorrect answers. All questions have been reviewed by students who recently passed the boards and completed their clerkship to ensure they match the style and difficulty level of the exam.
500 USMLE-style questions and answers
Detailed explanations for right and wrong answers
Targets what you really need to know for exam success
Student tested and reviewed
Obstetrics & Gynecology: PreTest™ Self-Assessment & Review is the closest you can get to seeing the test before you take it. Great for clerkship and the USMLE Step 2 CK! Obstetrics & Gynecology: PreTest asks the right questions so you’ll know the right answers. Open it and start learning what’s on the test.
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Renal Physiology: Mosby Physiology Monograph Series (5th Edition)

English | 2013 | ISBN: 0323086918 | ISBN-13: 9780323086912 | 256 pages | PDF | 7,8 MB

Renal Physiology helps you to quickly and easily grasp the fundamentals of renal physiology and learn how to apply them in a clinical context. Thoroughly updated, this medical textbook in the Mosby Physiology Monograph Series provides a basic understanding of normal kidney function at the cellular and molecular level. 

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Netter's Illustrated Pharmacology, 1e (Netter Basic Science)

Book Description

December 15, 2004 1929007604 978-1929007608 1
Netter's Illustrated Pharmacology is a vivid, uniquely effective visual presentation of the pharmacodynamic relationship between drugs and the human body. It offers a unique visual approach to learning the basic principles of pharmacology - providing the most authoritative and broadest possible coverage of both the basic science and the clinical applications of pharmacology in a manner that is both scientifically rigorous and enjoyable. Succinct, easy-to-understand presentations of introductory pharmacologic principles based on classic images by Frank Netter
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